Winners of “Call for Scores” 2016

Les Pois Music Office “Call for Scores 2016” have received 18 works (3 works for Trio, 9 works for Piano & Guitar, 6 works for Piano & Mandolin) from over 10 countries.
After careful score reading session by composers and performance workshop by performers, the selection committee selected 5 works below.

For Left Hand Piano, Guitar & Mandolin Trio /トリオ作品
Prière de la fourmi / Paul Cowell (UK)

For Piano & Guitar / ピアノ・ギター作品
Polymelody on an immature DADGAD / Moe Ikeda (Japan)

Interlude / Igor Coelho A. S. Marques (Brazil)

ZUI-UN Steps / Kazutaka Monden (Japan)

Three Tohoku Folk Songs / Simon Hutchinson (USA)

Piano & Mandolin section / ピアノ・マンドリン作品

Selected Pieces will be performed at Kyoto Art Center on 8th September, 2016.

-選外佳作 Honorable mention
Samsara  / Chris Hung